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SUPERFINISHER is the car polish that removes micro scratches and holograms from the car body and allows to have an extra glossy car, safe and easy to use.

SUPERFINISHER is the definitive high performance polish for the brilliant and perfect finish of the car body.

SUPERFINISHER polish permanently removes those concentric micro scratches (so-called “holograms”) that you see when you look backlit at your car. SUPERFINISHER is the polish for you if you want to remove holograms and micro scratches from the car body and admire the color of your car in all its depth and brightness. SUPERFINISHER is the ideal polish also when you want to remove small marks and defects from the car paint, make any dullness disappears and the car body look bright, like new, in a few simple steps.

The brightness of the car paint and the brilliance of the color decrease over time. The combined effect of the sun and other atmospheric agents gradually matte the car body, almost without that you notice it. Let’s add then those frequent automatic car washes, which are the main reason for the formation of holograms, and you will notice how your car shines gradually less under the light of a beautiful sunny day.

SUPEFINISHER polish works because its specific formulation consists of nano abrasive particles that are able to work even on the smallest scratches in a precise and extremely focused way and remove them. At the same time, the highly glossy agents leave a shiny surface and a deep color in place of scratches.

SUPERFINISHER polish is very easy to use. You can decide to apply it manually or, if you are equipped, you can polish using a polisher or a drill.


How to use SUPERFINISHER car polish?

SUPERFINISHER car polish – hand use

In case of hand use, just pour 2-3 drops of SUPERFINISHER on a microfiber cloth, then spread the polish on the surface to be treated with circular movements, until the scratch to be removed disappears. In the case of larger surfaces (for example the hood), pour 4-5 drops of SUPERFINISHER on the cloth and then spread with circular movements. Repeat the procedure, adding more product, until you apply SUPERFINISHER all over the area to be treated at least once and until you notice that the micro scratches and defects have disappeared. SUPERFINISHER polish can also be applied by hand using a foam pad instead of the microfiber cloth. The procedure to follow is very similar. The use of the pad is recommended on larger areas especially, because it speeds up the process and allows you to be more homogeneous.

SUPERFINISHER car polish – machine use

In case of machine use, it is best to use a polisher (rotary or random orbital, it is up to you, they are both fine); set a speed between 1000-2000 RPM. Apply the foam pad to the back plate and pour 4-5 drops of SUPERFINISHER onto the pad. Use the foam pad to spread the polish on the area, and then start the polisher: in this way, you will limit the splashes of product. Do not focus too much on the same area in order not to overheat the paint, but move up and down in an area 50×50 cm. Keep polishing until the blue polish begins to become transparent. This is the signal that tells you that you can stop. Now clean up the polish residue, using a clean microfiber cloth: you will immediately notice the gap between the polished part and the one still to be polished.

If you don’t have a polishing machine, you can also use a normal drill, equipped with the special back plate and a small foam pad. Keep a medium speed and spread the product evenly on the surface.

The SUPERFINISHER car polish chemical formulation

SUPERFINISHER polish has been formulated with all the necessary precautions to be used also in professional work environments. It does not contain volatile silicones and is safe for the operator. In fact, it does not contain all those “heavy chemicals” present in major part of generic polishes you can find in the market place, which have in little account the user’s health and the environment.

Find out the technical data sheet and discover our car polishing advice to become a Master in Polishing.


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