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October 13, 2023 / By paicristalitalia

PAICAR 04 – Extra fine polish with wax

Apply a small quantity of PAICAR 04 – Super finish polishing compound on DA-04 green soft foam pad and use the pad for spreading the compound on the surface. Select a rotorbital polisher and start at low RPM, then gradually increase revolutions and polish with crossed movements, namely left to right, up and down. Wipe the surface with a clean Silky Tech microfiber cloth, in order to remove any potential residue. PAICAR 04 may be used also by hand: in this case, select a clean Silky Double microfiber cloth and use one side to apply it, and the softer side to wipe if off.

Take a look at our video tutorial for PAICAR 04

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PAICAR – Car care and polishing products

Polishing compounds
Four products for you. Four dedicated solutions that cover all your needs. Four colours for easy identification and match with our polishing pads. It’s a system. And you are the master.

Sometimes you will need just to clean and not polish. That’s fair enough. And that’s why PAICAR range includes a full dedicated line of cleaners and detergents.
Take advantage of PAICAR cleaners! Could it be either an interior or an exterior treatment, you can make your car shiner and fresher than ever.

Polishing pads
PAICAR line includes 4 foam polishing pads. They have been designed, developed and produced to offer the best performance in terms of cutting and finishing action when combined with PAICAR compounds.

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